EvenUp for use with VACOcast family of Orthoses Boots

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While wearing a VACOped Achilles Injury/Fracture, VACOped Diabetic Achilles, VACOcast, VACOcast Diabetic, VACOcast Low-Rise, or VACOcast Diabetic Low-Rise Orthosis, there will be a height difference between the foot with the orthosis and your uninjured foot. 

Simply slip an EvenUp onto the sole of the shoe of your uninjured foot to help adjust for the height difference while walking around during your recovery.

EvenUp's two-ply sole can raise the uninjured foot .5” (1.3 cm) to .8” (2.1 cm), to closely match the height of your VACO Orthosis and help reduce limping.

Use with...
All VACOcast Orthoses boots

Article number: AUSG-01-1-S/M/L


The measurement of the sole of the shoe is used to determine the appropriate size of Evenup™. See image below for the proper measurement technique.

Measurement Women's Sizing Men's Sizing Recommended EvenUp Size
A sole measurement between 10 inches (254mm) and 11 1/4 inches (286mm) 6 - 8.5 7 - 8.5 Small
A sole measurement between 11 1/2 inches (292mm) and 12 3/4 inches (324mm) 9 - 11.5 9 - 11.5 Medium
A sole measurement between 13 inches (330mm) and 14 1/2 inches (368mm) 12 - 14 12 - 14 Large

Note: It is generally best to choose an Evenup™ a little too small rather than a little too big. This means if your shoe measurement is between two of the measurements, like 11 1/4 inches - 11 1/2 inches, or measures 11 3/8, it is best to go with the small. Also note the shoe size the best correlates with the size as well.

1. Put on your Evenup while sitting down. Place your good foot over your opposite knee. Place the front portion of the Evenup strap over the toes of your shoe.

2. Pull the elastic straps toward the heel of the shoe and adjust the side straps over the sole of the shoe. Pull up the heel tab to securely fasten to the sole of the shoe.

3. Make sure the Evenup name is facing out!  

4. Utilize the velcro strap provided to securely fasten the Evenup to your shoe. Place the strap through the loop and around the thicker band.

Please note that improper use or installation of the Evenup could result in injury. Always exercise caution and care when using the Evenup.

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